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Dr. David Strickler exclusively uses the Gonstead System of Chiropractic, along with Active Release Technique (ART®) and Integrative Diagnosis (id®) for soft tissue injuries. These complex protocols are thorough, complete and specific in both analyzing and treating the spine and musculature for optimal results.

Gonstead Chiropractors avoid the use of dangerous twisting motions, which can damage your spine.  On every visit Dr. Strickler will use 5 criteria to determine the current condition of your spine, as well as to track your progress. These 5 criteria consist of:

1. Instrumentation: The Nervo-scope is the instrument of choice for Gonstead chiropractors. This device measures temperature difference along your spine.  Over 80 years of research has proven that spinal problems cause temperature imbalances. Using the Nervo-scope allows your doctor to both locate your spinal problems, as well as to measure your progress as they are corrected.  In addition to the Nervo-scope, both doctors also use computerized instrumentation consisting of surface electromyography known as the Myovision and digital infrared thermography.

2. Static Palpation: A Gonstead chiropractor directly examines your spine, using his hands, feeling for slight changes in the tissues surrounding the spine, noting any swollen areas and typically locating tender areas

3. Motion Palpation: By using motion palpation the Gonstead chiropractor compares different areas of the spine, noting those that are moving too much (hypermobile), too little (hypomobile) and 'just right.'  Hypomobility is associated with the area that needs correction.

4. Visualization: Briefly, visualization consists of noticing subtle changes in your posture as well as alterations in your gait.

5. X-ray: We do not take a new x-ray on each visit. But we do consult the x-ray on each visit, using it as a sort of road map, to determine what is called the three-dimensional correction vector.  This tells your doctor the exact direction to adjust the vertebra in order to correct your spinal problem as quickly and safely as possible.

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Meet Dr. David Strickler
Dr. Strickler exclusively uses the Gonstead System of Chiropractic, along with Active Release Technique (ART®), and Integrative Diagnosis (id®) for rapid recovery of soft tissue injuries.
My introduction to chiropractic came after sustaining injuries while playing highly competitive soccer in high school and followed by participating in the Olympic development soccer program. As you’re likely aware this sport takes quite the toll on its players at these levels. To my complete surprise, I got immediate relief. By my second Gonstead adjustment, I moved better than I had ever noticed before. I knew that I had come to the right place!

Throughout the years I learned as much about chiropractic and its benefits that I could. Chiropractic just made sense to me. After completing pre-medical and business finance studies at the University of Iowa, I turned my focus 100% to chiropractic. After graduating the University of Iowa, I entered Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. As you’re likely aware, Palmer is considered the prestigious “Fountainhead of Chiropractic” because it is chiropractic’s first college and the birthplace of this great profession.
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"Dr. Strickler is an amazing Chiropractor! I have been to a lot of Chiropractors and he is truly the BEST!! Try him. You won't be sorry!"

- Michelle K. / Cedar Rapids, IA

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